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In the past, we allowed users to download the web interface source code, and the "co.exe" executable binary used to perform codon optimization. They could use these tools to run jobs on their own servers, or setup their own internal mirror of COOL. However for legal reasons, we can no longer provide the current version. This page now contains the last version (dated 7 Jul 2016) which was made available for download.
Front_End    This is a zip of the front end, i.e. this web interface itself. Requires PHP 5.3.6 or better. Before starting the site, remember to setup the MySQL database, and the back end binary (see below). You also need to tell PHP how to login to your MySQL database, by changing the login details found at "Controllers/CodonOpt_DAO_ancestor.php". This source code is released under the MIT license.
MySQL_Tables This is a zip of the data files necessary to populate the MySQL database tables. They only include the table names and contents, and excludes the database name. We leave it up to you to determine the database name, username and password. These login details have to be added to both the front and back end. These data files are released under the MIT license.
Back_End This is a zip of the back end "co_ubuntu.exe" Codon Optimization binary for Linux 64 bit. This can be run independently on its own, reading/writing data to/from text files, without needing to setup the front end or MySQL database. If you do decide to run it through the front end web interface, then you have to setup the MySQL database login details for the back end in the "" file. Note: We are in the process of filing a patent for the backend code, and will only provide the backend in the format of an executable binary. By downloading this binary, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the WebMOCO license. For a commercial license, please contact us.
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